Next update: 29 Oct.

That’s right: the next gobstopper update will be right here at 3pm Eastern (Toronto/ NY) time on Saturday, 29 October.  It will feature mostly fingering weight yarn, including the nice sleek Four Quarter base.  I’ve been experimenting with some more subtle colour combinations, so expect some rich, quiet gradient cakes.

Here’s a little teaser photo, of just a few of the gobstoppers for the update, in their pre-caked form:

October update1.jpg

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Sept. update

Browse through our available cakes to see what catches your eye!  Click on the photos for a larger image, or click here for yarn details and prices.  Please remember that colours may vary on different monitors or devices; I’m happy to send additional photos or descriptions if you have questions about a particular cake.

When you see something you love, contact me via email to claim it.  Gobstopper cakes are a combination of technique and serendipity, so every cake is one-of-a-kind and can’t be repeated.


Merino fingering: left: Hard to Fathom; right: Coals at Midnight


Merino/ silk fingering: Can You Tell Me Where the Mulberry Blossoms?


BFL/ silk giants: Back left: One Last Bit of Glory; Back right: Bigh Time; Front left: Into the Home Straight; Front right: The Equinox Has Come and Gone


Merino DK: left: As Busy as a Leaf-Dappled Day; right: Eddying


Merino DK: Back left: PB&J, 3 Meals a Day; Back right: Toe Point; Front: A Clever Kind of Chaos


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KW Knitters Fair

I’m pleased to announce that gobstopper will be at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair this Saturday, 10 Sept.  I’ll be sharing Booths 108-110 with the marvelous indie dyers indigodragonfly and the lovely yarn shop Shall We Knit?.

KW prep.jpg

I’m burning the midnight oil, caking and labelling a big new batch of gobstoppers for you to choose from.

I’ve been dyeing up a storm, so there will be lots of gobstoppers to choose from, plus many different samples to inspire your knitting plans.  My new favourite is Occam, a bold striped scarf by Bristol Ivy that looks great in two gobstopper gradients.

The Fair runs from 9:30 – 4:30 on Saturday at the Kitchener Aud, 400 East Ave., Kitchener, Ontario.  I hope to see you there!



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The light is coming…

Just a quick note to say that I’m away on Christmas holidays until early January. When I return, I’ll have some interesting new bases available in the winter, including several suitable for combining with semi-solids to make sweaters with gorgeous gobstopper colour-play. In addition, I want to let you know that gobstopper prices will be increasing in the new year, by a few dollars per cake , due to rising costs from my yarn distributors.

We’re in the dark days of winter, but the light’s about to return! I’m looking forward to brighter days ahead– literally, in daylight, and in a brand new batch of gobstoppers posted early in the new year, all ready to feed your yarn hunger for the gobstopper Ides of March KAL! See you soon!

Aug MS1

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Yes, it’s true: gobstopper will be at Rhinebeck this year!

Pulley batch glamour shot_rOur friends at indigodragonfly just picked up a whole load of gobstoppers, dyed on indigodragonfly’s lovely Chameleon Sock and CaribouBaa bases.

Pulley for Rhinebeck

These are all bound for Rhinebeck, where they’re being paired with custom indigodragonfly colours and sold as a complete kit for making a truly one-of-a-kind Pulley.

You can find your very own Pulley at Jennie the Potter’s booth– just stop by Booth 9, Building 27A.  Happy Rhinebeck, everyone!

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