Luddite superhero?

I am known as a bit of a Luddite— not that I don’t use technology (this is the web, after all), but I certainly prefer to do a lot of things by hand when possible.  I love old kitchen tools, hand tools for wood-working, and my rotary phone (yes, I do have cordless as well).  And of course knitting needles and drop spindles are right up there among the ultimate Luddite tools.

So when I was invited to take part in Shall We Knit‘s super-hero-themed Shenanigans in early June, I knew that my colour names needed to be a Luddite/ Wonder Twins mashup.

Remember the Wonder Twins?  They’d touch fists and cry “Wonder Twin powers, activate!  Form of…” and then change.  Zan could change into any form of water and Jayna into any animal.

Wonder TwinsI actually found both of them really annoying in Saturday morning cartoons, and wondered how Zan could become not just water but also the bucket holding the water.  Still, the phrase “Wonder Twins powers, activate!” has really stuck with me.

I figure that a Luddite superhero would transform into some old school, hand-powered tool, something old fashioned and nearly obsolete but arguably useful in the right circumstances.  Something like, say, an encyclopedia, a pocket watch, or a canning jar.  Or, best of all, a squince!


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2 Responses to Luddite superhero?

  1. Kathleen says:

    Last fall I expressed an interest in baking bread. My family bought me a lovely bread machine for Christmas, and for a month I enjoyed flipping through the recipe book and finding something yummy to make about every other day. Then I broke a gear on the machine. It was under warranty, so the company sent me a replacement part, but that took about 6 weeks. I couldn’t wait 6 weeks to bake more bread so I jumped in to hand kneading. Ahhh, the satisfaction of pummeling dough after a long day at work. My poor repaired machine is lonely, though I have used it a bit now that summer is here and I don’t always want to heat the oven. Working by hand just feels right.

    Planning to order one of your sock gradients one day soon. Your colors are beautiful!

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