Have you ever collaborated with someone else?  Truly collaborated?  Not in a vague gesture toward teamwork or as a bullet point in a report for the office– I mean the best kind of collaboration, the kind where two people bring their talents together, sparks fly, and you end up far beyond what either one could have done alone.

The kind of collaboration where you end up with this:


This stunning new sweater, Pulley, is the result of a inspiring collaboration between gobstopper and our friends at indigodragonfly.  Designed by Kim McBrien Evans, Pulley combines the rich, hand-dyed colours of indigodragonfly yarns with a textured gobstopper collar that shows off an entire cake.
1pzac-7rq0zwAnd, friends, this sweater is a show-stopper.  It has all of Kim’s hallmark clean lines, engaging details, and gentle asymmetry, plus the dappled colour changes of gobstoppers set off by the rich indigodragonfly yarn.  I’ve been dyeing gobstoppers for several years now, so it’s safe to say that I’m pretty familiar with what they can become.  With this pattern, though?  Kim has taken my yarn beyond what I could imagine; I’m so incredibly proud of the result.  Here’s to many more collaborations in the future!frontFor more details and information about Pulley kits, stop by the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Fair or check out my Ravelry group.

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