Sept. update

Browse through our available cakes to see what catches your eye!  Click on the photos for a larger image, or click here for yarn details and prices.  Please remember that colours may vary on different monitors or devices; I’m happy to send additional photos or descriptions if you have questions about a particular cake.

When you see something you love, contact me via email to claim it.  Gobstopper cakes are a combination of technique and serendipity, so every cake is one-of-a-kind and can’t be repeated.


Merino fingering: left: Hard to Fathom; right: Coals at Midnight


Merino/ silk fingering: Can You Tell Me Where the Mulberry Blossoms?


BFL/ silk giants: Back left: One Last Bit of Glory; Back right: Bigh Time; Front left: Into the Home Straight; Front right: The Equinox Has Come and Gone


Merino DK: left: As Busy as a Leaf-Dappled Day; right: Eddying


Merino DK: Back left: PB&J, 3 Meals a Day; Back right: Toe Point; Front: A Clever Kind of Chaos


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