October update

Here’s a new batch of gobstoppers to tickle your fancy!  Click on the photos for a larger image, or click here for yarn details and prices.  Please remember that colours may vary on different monitors or devices; I’m happy to email additional photos or descriptions if you have questions about a particular gobstopper.

When you see something you love, contact me via email to claim it.  Remember, every gobstopper is its own unique combination of technique and serendipity, which can’t be repeated.  (Believe me, I’ve tried!)



Four Quarter: TOP ROW (Left to Right): Purpled (blue to purple to pale aqua); Quiet (navy to pale aqua green); Quieter (navy to white); MIDDLE ROW (L to R): Grassy; A Surprising Peach (navy to blue, with hints of peachy taupe); A Blue-Jeaned Elephant (grey to deep green to denim blue); BOTTOM ROW (L to R): Understory (subdued pine green to dark charcoal); Brassy (rust-brown to blues, greens, & taupes); Overstory (rich blue spruce to walnut brown)

Homeward Brick.jpg

Four Quarter:
Homeward Brick


Merino fingering:
Left: Hurricane Alley; Right: It’s Always Sunny Somewhere


Merino fingering:
Left: Wallflower; Right: Plum Tart


Merino/ silk (4-ply) fingering:
Left: Sun-Bleached Beach; Right: Yes, a Hundred Times Yes

Sugared Violets & Can You Tell Me Where the Mulberry Blossoms.jpg

Merino/ silk (4-ply) fingering:
Left: Sugared Violets (lavender to pale blue-lavender); Right: Can You Tell Me Where the Mulberry Blossoms?

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