May update

Happy May, everyone!  I’m enjoying lots of colour outside in the garden, but a little more colour in yarn form never hurts, right?  Have at ’em!

Remember, every gobstopper is one-of-a-kind, so if you see something you love, contact me via email to claim it.emailYarn details and prices are available here.  Please note that my prices have increased slightly as of this update, due to increasing costs from my suppliers.  If you have questions about anything, please get in touch via email; I’m always happy to send additional photos or descriptions if you have questions about the colours of a particular gobstopper.  (Remember that colours do vary across different monitors/ devices.)


4Q May

Four Quarter:

sock May

Sock sockstoppers (matching 50g cakes; note that each pair is wound in the opposite direction, to better show the colour): Far Left to Middle Right: SOLD; Far Right: Deafening Dormouse (magenta to purple)

Shady Seahorse_sock

Sock sockstoppers (matching pair of 50g cakes, wound in the opposite direction): SOLD

mf May

merino fingering: SOLD

MCN giants

MCN giants (150g):

silky yak DK

Silky Yak DK: Back Left: Antiquated Anchovy; Back Right: SOLD; Front: SOLD


Merino/ silk DK sockstoppers (matching 50g cakes, wound in opposite directions to best show the colours): SOLD

Spurious Sponge_msDK

Merino/ silk DK sockstoppers (matching 50g cakes, wound in opposite directions): SOLD

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