New laceweight & other news

My personal knitting sweet spot tends to be fingering weight shawls, usually with stripes, simple garter stitch, or geometric lace.

Around the Bend6.jpg

My current project, Around the Bend by Nim Teasdale.  You can just see the colour shift happening in this shot, from deep purple and light aqua at the right to brighter blue-green and magenta-red at the upper left.

Lately, though, my thoughts have been turning to more complicated lace shawls; there have been some stunning examples on Ravelry of patterns written by Nim Teasdale, and projects made by knitters in the Gorgeous Gradients group.  It works perfectly well to knit lace shawls in fingering weight, of course, but I’ve been drawn to the delicacy of shawls knit with actual laceweight yarn.

With that in mind, I’m pleased to introduce two new laceweights for gobstopper fans:

Silk/ cashmere lace is a beautifully soft and luxurious blend of 70% silk and 30% cashmere.  Each 100g skein provides 700m (766 yds) of drape, shine, and kitten softness– it’s like petting a cloud, honestly!  I’m must starting to dye this base and find that it takes the dye in a way that creates soft but saturated colours.

June lace3.jpg

The new silk/ cashmere lace on the left, in purples and blues, compared to my classic BFL/ silk lace on the right.  The two bases are quite similar in gauge, but the silk/ cashmere is super-soft and drapey, while the BFL/ silk is soft and a little bit crisp.

The other new yarn is a merino/ cashmere/ silk blend (75/ 15/ 10%) that is slightly heavier (575 m/ 629 yd per 115g skein).  This is so new that I haven’t had a chance to dye any yet!  I’m loving the feel of it, though, and will have some dyed skeins available in July.

Which reminds me: The June update will be Saturday, 17 June at 10 am Eastern (Toronto/ New York time).  The next two updates will be Sunday, 16 July at 5 pm and Friday, 25 August at 1 pm.  If you’d like an email reminder just prior to each update, please join my mailing list (information here).

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