July update

The July update is now sold out.  Please check in for the next update on Friday, 25 August at 1pm Eastern time.

I’ve been captivated lately by the oddities of late 19th century patent medicines, which claimed some extremely dubious medical benefits.  I can’t guarantee that gobstoppers will cure anything except possibly knitting boredom or a life devoid of colour, but I did find inspiration in some of the stranger products.  That’s right– inspired by snake oil, I’ve made up a few names of my own for this lot of gobstoppers; if any of the names seem weird, rest assured that the actual historic names (and medical claims) were even odder!

As always, every gobstopper is one-of-a-kind, so if you see something you love, contact me via email to claim it.emailYarn details and prices are available here.  If you have questions about anything, please get in touch via email; I’m always happy to send additional photos or descriptions if you have questions about the colours of a particular gobstopper.  (Colours may vary considerably across different devices!)

sock1 July

Sock (matching pairs of 50g cakes): Left: Eckelman’s Excelsior; Middle Left: Mrs. Smythe’s Soothing Syrup; Middle Right: Pinkham’s Restoring Tonic; Right: Alder’s Alternative, For All That Ails

sock2 July

Sock (matching pairs of 50g cakes): Left: Robb’s Rust Remover; Middle: Bingham’s Blood Booster; Right: Dr. Bark’s Miracle Pomade

sock3 July

Sock (matching pairs of 50g cakes): Left: Fortescue’s Florida Water; Right: Dr. E.’s Eclectric Edge

BFL giant1 July

BFL giant: Mrs. Blackman’s Blush Enhancer

BFL giant2 July

BFL giant: Mr. Bigley’s Emerald Balsam

MCN giant July

MCN giant: Mrs. Florian’s Fever Fighter

MS4 July

Merino/ silk fingering (MS-4): Left: Dr. James’ Magic Oil; Right: Popple’s Purple Pills

MCS lace July

Merino/ cashmere/ silk lace (MCS): Left: Ackerman’s Water Cure; Right: Green’s Wizard Oil

Proud As A & Mature Peacock

BFL/ silk lace: Left: Professor Peacock’s Cure For Proud People; Right: Mr. Moore’s Miracle Moss

It Doesnt Get Any Better-sc lace

BFL/ silk lace: Victor’s Vaporizing Balm

On the Forest Floor- SC lace

silk/ cashmere lace: Stone’s Soporific

Muted Rainbow- m hlace

Merino heavylace: Lydington’s Cure, For Lung- Liver- Life

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