How to order

Send me an email and let me know which cake(s) have caught your eye!  I’m atemail

I need to know:

1. The base and colour name of the cake (or just let me know which base and what it looks like; I’ll confirm with you if there’s any uncertainty).

2. The email address where you want to receive a PayPal invoice.  (I never share your information with anyone other than PayPal.)

3. The complete mailing address, including postal code or ZIP code, where you want your yarn sent.  (Again, I never share your information, other than entering it in PayPal to generate a shipping label.)

4. Stalk your mailbox until your yarn arrives!

Shipping: I charge actual Canada Post shipping costs.  Packages within Ontario usually cost about $11 for one cake or about $13 for two cakes, including tracking and insurance; shipping to other destinations in Canada is slightly higher.

Shipping to the US without insurance or tracking is usually $8.75 for one or two cakes or about $12 for three or four.  The time in transit varies from as little as 5 days to as much as 3 weeks.  Please note that shipping without insurance or tracking is at your own risk.  If you’re not comfortable assuming that risk, please email to ask for a shipping quote including insurance and tracking; it adds to your shipping cost, but is easy to do if you’d prefer to keep track of your package.  For a shipping estimate elsewhere in the world, please get in touch.


2 Responses to How to order

  1. Michelke says:

    Do you have any yarn available in a sock base in the color mindy?

    • All of the available yarn is posted on my website. With the exception of Starry (aqua to white to yellow), I don’t have any repeatable colourways– every cake is one of a kind.

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