Special requests

Gobstoppers are a combination of special dyeing techniques and a hefty dose of good luck.  That means that every cake is one-of-a-kind and (as much as I wish otherwise) can’t be repeated– believe me, I’ve tried!

Don’t despair, though: if you’re in love with a certain colour combination, feel free to get in touch with a special request.

The way that requests work is that I take a suggestion for the colour families that you’d like to see in a gobstopper, then use that as a starting point for my next round of dyeing.  I can’t reproduce previous gobstoppers exactly, but I can dye some colours that I think you’ll love, in the base of your choice (up to 200g of yarn).  When they’re done, I email you photos of them; you can claim any that you love, or pass if they don’t appeal.  (Anything that you don’t want moves into my regular pool and will quickly find a home.)

For example, one customer wanted a gobstopper to play nicely with some lovely red yarn from indigodragonfly.  We found a beautiful photo of a weathered red barn with a dramatic stormy sky in the background, decided that the colours of the sky would work well as inspiration, and I dyed up these gobstoppers to choose from:

Storm Front & Blowing Over.jpg

Interested?  Send me an email and we’ll talk.