Yarn details

For details on all of my yarn bases, check out the info below, or click on each header to go to Ravelry to browse projects, check out stash, and get inspired for your own amazing project.

Merino fingering wt.:

A soft, classic 100% superwash merino with 2 high-twist plies, this yarn takes dye beautifully and works well for shawls, scarves, fingerless mitts, and other great accessories.

Standard 100g skeins offer 361 m (395 yds); $38 Cdn.

Merino Giants: 150g cakes provide extra yardage for those larger projects (541 m/ 593 yds); $57 Cdn

Merino/ nylon fingering wt.:

A classic high-twist, two-ply superwash merino (80%), with a bit of nylon (20%)  for added strength.

Standard 100g skeins offer 361 m (395 yds); $38 Cdn.

Sockstoppers: a pair of matching 50g cakes (great for making socks or mitts!) for a total of 361 m (395 yds); $38 Cdn.


Sock is a sleek four-ply with the same texture and superwash merino as Four Quarter, but with 25% nylon added for strength.  This base is available only as Sockstoppers, or pairs of matching 50g cakes that offer 422 m (462 yds); $38 Cdn.

Four Quarter:

Four Quarter combines four sleek plies of superwash merino into a smooth fingering weight yarn.

100g skeins provide 400 m (437 yds); $38 Cdn.

Merino/ silk fingering:

A sleek, lustrous 4-ply blend of 50% superwash merino, 50% silk.  This yarn has the lovely sheen and drape of classic silk yarns.  (Note: This sleek & shiny 4-ply replaces our previous merino/ silk fingering, which was a heavier 2-ply that had a light dry hand and less shine.)

100g skeins provide 400 m (438 yds); $46 Cdn

BFL giants:

A sleek 4-ply fingering with a tight twist, this Bluefaced Leicester takes dyes beautifully, with rich saturated colours. At present, this base comes in giant 150 g skeins, offering plenty of yardage for shawls and other substantial projects.

150g skeins, with a full 600 m (656 yds), $57 Cdn.

MCN-4, fingering wt.:

A 4-ply superwash MCN: 80% merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon.  This yarn has a smooth hand and a lovely soft feel.  (Note: This 4-ply replaces our previous MCN fingering, which was a 2-ply with a moderately high twist.)

100g skeins offer 366 m (400 yds), $40 Cdn

NEW! MCN giants: 150g skeins, with 549 m (600 yds), $66 Cdn.

Alpaca/ silk/ linen fingering wt.:

This is a sophisticated, lightweight yarn that combines the drape of alpaca (50%) and silk (25%) with the crisp feel of linen (25%). Like all linen, it feels a bit crunchy at first, but softens beautifully after blocking.  It takes colours in soft, muted shades, creating subtly dappled gradients.

100g skeins provide 400 m (437 yds), $46 Cdn

Tough Yak fingering:

This is a drapey, super-soft combination of superwash merino (70%) and yak (20%), with a touch of nylon (10%) to add strength.  The yak adds a faint halo to the yarn, which highlights the lovely deep, rich hues of the dye.

100g skeins of 400 m (437 yds), $44 Cdn.


A light, low twist yarn made of three plies of yak down: two a natural medium brown, the other a natural cream colour. The result is a fluffy, tweedy yarn that takes a range of muted hues with brighter pops of colour from the lighter ply.  It has a distinctive but not unpleasant yak scent when damp, reminding us that, yes, indeed, this comes from an animal!

100g cakes offer 450m (492 yds), $46

DK weight yarns

Merino DK wt.:

A lovely fat 100% superwash merino DK, perfect for snuggly cowls, warm hats, and other accessories. This base takes colour beautifully, with strong, saturated hues.

100g cakes are 211 m (231 yds) long; $38 Cdn.

Merino/ silk DK wt.:

Half silk, half superwash merino, this squishy DK has an incredible sheen that shows off its subtle hues.  This yarn is available in various lengths, including matching 50g pairs (“sockstoppers”).

100g cakes provide 211 m (231 yds) of squish; $46 Cdn.

Silky Yak DK wt.:

This silky, drapey DK combines the shine of silk (20%) and the soft luxury of yak (15%) with classic superwash merino (65%) to create a beautiful yarn with just a bit of halo.

100g cakes provide 211 m (231 yds) of yarn; $45 Cdn.

BFL DK wt.:

Pure superwash Bluefaced Leicester wool, in a soft, squishy DK weight! Perfect for hats, mitts, and other warm accessories, this yarn provides slightly softened colours.

100g cakes offer 225 m (246 yds); $38 Cdn.

Lace weight yarns

merino heavylace:

This is a hard-working heavy laceweight or light fingering, in 100% superwash merino.  It takes colour well and offers great yardage for those larger shawl projects.

150g giants provide 750 m (822 yds); $50 Cdn.

heavylace (aka BFL/silk heavylace):

A slightly heavier laceweight yarn, this BFL/ silk blend provides the slightly crisp feel of Bluefaced Leicester wool (55%) with the lovely shine of silk (45%).  It takes colour extremely well, from pale tints to the most intense hues.

100g provides 600 m (656 yds); $50 Cdn.

(Note: This base largely replaces our previous merino/ silk laceweight, which had a similar composition and yardage.)

BFL/ silk lace wt.:

This lovely blend of Bluefaced Leicester wool (55%) and silk (45%) is the same as our heavylace in look and feel, but in a true lace weight, with correspondingly higher yardage.  It, too, takes colour beautifully.

100g offers 800 m (875 yds); $50 Cdn.

Alpaca/ silk/ cashmere lace wt.:

A drapey lace-weight yarn, with a soft halo and luxurious hand that comes from 70% alpaca, 20% silk, and 10% cashmere. This yarn takes colour softly, creating lovely subdued mid-tones.

100g skeins provide 800 m (875 yds), $52 Cdn.

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